[College Blog] LCC What’s Up!

On September 22nd, the College Ambassador Team hosted the “Welcome Party” with college teams and societies to introduce new Lap-Cheers
On September 13 and 19, Lap-Chee College held the Admission Ceremonies at the College Hall to welcome new residents: September
On September 3rd, 2022, the student volunteers from Lap-Chee College set out at 9 AM to do something very special.
With Christmas around the corner, countless families and kids are excited to celebrate the joyous occasion and holiday. The HKU
Since the COVID-19 situation, after a long-time preparation work, the Lap-Chee College managed to resume our signature event-- the Lap-Chee
On September 25, City Hunt was curated to help Lap-Cheers brace themselves for the new environment and college life. Meanwhile,
On October 29, the Lap Chee Ambassador Team organized a Halloween event that was inspired by the popular Netflix series,
On September 24, a Welcoming Event was held to introduce Lap-cheers to the various college teams and let them familiarize
Welcome to Lap-Chee College! While you are settling down, our current residents have gladly prepared a Lap-Chee Survival Guide to give you
As undergraduates, we may often feel lost navigating the daunting and unfamiliar university experience. Further, it’s all too common to