Football Team




The Lap Chee College Football Team offers a unique opportunity to students to to contribute to Lap Chee Hall activities, and at the same time have great fun.

Since football is the most popular sport in the world, every year we get players from all over the globe. This is an excellent opportunity for students to interact with people from various nationalities, to get to learn about their cultural and social differences.


Practice matches are held every weekend in Stanley Ho Sports Complex and last for about 2 hours. We mostly play against another team, and occasionally amongst ourselves. Some of the teams we have played against include the Korean Team, Starr Hall, Morrison Hall and Chi Sun College.


The football pitch in Stanley Ho is one of the best pitches you’ll ever play in, since it is right next to the ocean and has a breathtaking view.


Apart from practice matches, a formal tournament takes place in February among the 4 residential colleges. There are a multitude of individual/group awards available for players/teams who performed spectacularly well.


Furthermore, there is no selection criteria for the Football Team.

All applicants are considered a part of the team and can join in for practice matches.

However, we will shortlist a group of 12-14 players who will play in the tournament.


Interested students can fill the form below to join the Football Team.


Contact person:

Saksham Arora:

Mohd Rezaul Karim Tharim: