Village to Village Program

Village to Village Program (Hit the Light Program) is a program under Lap-Chee College, which mainly focuses on exploring more possibilities in careers for the teenagers with visual impairment. We will achieve this goal through several steps, for example, enhancing our understanding about their current living conditions, improving the services and providing more career information to them as well as stirring their enthusiasm for grasping new skills. Furthermore, we are preparing to arouse public awareness of those teenagers with visual impairment, especially in universities.

During the academic year 2015-2016, we organized four projects. The first project is to recruit program members from all the four colleges in Jockey Club Village III. In the second project, a research will be conducted for the purpose of the following four organizations: the Hong Kong Society for the Blind, Ebenezer School, Home for the Visually Impaired, and a technology company.

What’s more, an exhibition to showcase the work of HTL members and provide resources to the visually impaired will be organized. Last, we will go to Hangzhou for a week-long summer camp.

Tutor in charge: Maggie Yan(