Dragon Boat Club

Dragon Boat Club


Lap-Chee Dragon Boat Club is a newly established club, formed only in September 2017. The Dragon Boat Club aims to induce interest of Lap-Chee residents in the Dragon Boat while also giving them a taste of the age-old traditional sport. Even though a traditional sport, dragon has slowly decreasing relevance in the current lifestyle of Hong Kong. Therefore, Lap-Chee Dragon Boat Club intends to uphold the precious tradition of Hong Kong by exposing more HKU students to this sport.


Dragon boating is a sport that challenges both the physical and mental strength, which is good for HKU students to keep a healthy lifestyle and relieve stress at the same time. The Lap-Chee Dragon Boat Team trains on a monthly basis but will have increased frequency prior to competitive season. Everyone is welcomed to join this sport and no prior experience of dragon boating is required to join us!


Cliff Tang: gtxiaotang7@gmail.com

Raghav Sharma: u3545101@connect.hku.hk

Google form sign up: https://goo.gl/LbBNPX