Stay Safe – Stay Healthy

Subject: Stay Safe – Stay Healthy (3SH)

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy team aims to evoke the awareness of Lap-Cheers towards living a
quality life by recapitulating personal health and safety measures, through a series of
interactive activities.

Throughout the year, with topics ranging from health promotion, first-aid techniques to
stress-releasing methods, the team wishes to achieve its aims with a series of engaging,
hands-on activities, to instill health awareness with a blend of fun-based interactions. We
count on you to help improve Lap-Chee as a safe and healthy community.

  • Lap-Chee Code Blue Team 

As residents’ safety is our concern, we pioneer the first-aid service in Lap-Chee to organize Lap-Chee Code Blue Team, which prioritizes the safety and health of Lap-Cheers at every single moments. 

In semester 1, members will participate in the certified 30-hour First Aid Course (AFA) provided by St John Ambulance, HK (as per the requirements of HK legislation). The course is half-sponsored by college, so eventually applicants will only need to pay half of the total course and material fees with no additional cost. (The price and sponsorship may vary from year to year. Please stay tuned to the latest updates.) 

The course is expected to last for 5 weeks, with 3-hour session held twice weekly in the college. (The course schedule may be adjusted according to members’ availability.) First Aid Course contains action at an emergency like accidents, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, bandaging, poisoning, and even more. If you wish to have a full picture of AFA, please refer to

At the end of the course, members will have to pass the exams to be a certified first-aid service provider. In semester 2, members will then take shifts of daily duty (7pm-5am) to assist in any emergency in college for at least 2 years. 

  • 3SH Admin Team

Besides, 3SH team is recruiting admin team to help in daily management and workshops. The highlight workshop of the year is relaxing workshops, which will be held at the end of each semester to help residents relax and chill before final exams. 

We will also design weekly posters to promote ‘Stay Safe, Stay Healthy’ and to propagate fun health facts or motivating phrases to residents. Finally, admin team will also help coordinate the daily duty of Lap-Chee Code Blue Team.

Of course, we are glad to have more attractive yet awareness-raising events in the future. New bloods are passionately welcomed to enrich our contents and activities!

Feel free to raise up your enquiries to the team leader, Emily (, or the tutor Dr Nadeem Bijle ( We can’t wait to meet you as part of the team!

Best regards, 

3SH team