[College Blog] LCC What’s Up!

From 1st March, LCC Hong Kong Series Team organized a great Cantonese learning classes series for the Lap-cheers who want
On March 19, our residents: Lu Jianliang, Wu Tianyu, Lin Yang, and Fu Yeqiao organized a poker night event. "Texas
The first Lap-Chee High Table Dinner of this semester was held on Feb 23rd, 2023. Among the guests were Professor
On February 22nd, the HK Series Committee of Lap Chee College arranged the first of the four sessions of Mahjong
On February 14th, the Lap Chee College Ambassador Team hosted the "LCC Single's Inferno" event, an exciting and fun-filled valentine's
On the morning of 5th February, the HK Series team arranged the New Year Rice event for the residents of
On the evening of 3rd February, the Laid Back Art Club of Lap Chee College arranged the “Lantern Festival Art
On October 28, the Lap Chee College Ambassador Team organized a Halloween event that was themed by the traditional Halloween
On November 11th, 2022, The Hong Kong Series Committee hosted the “Music Night” with the Hong Kong Music Society to
On September 21 and 28, Lap-Chee college conducted its signature event, the High Table Dinner: September 21 for the odd-floored