[College Blog] LCC What’s Up!

On October 28, the Lap Chee College Ambassador Team organized a Halloween event that was themed by the traditional Halloween
On November 11th, 2022, The Hong Kong Series Committee hosted the “Music Night” with the Hong Kong Music Society to
On September 21 and 28, Lap-Chee college conducted its signature event, the High Table Dinner: September 21 for the odd-floored
On September 22nd, the College Ambassador Team hosted the “Welcome Party” with college teams and societies to introduce new Lap-Cheers
On September 13 and 19, Lap-Chee College held the Admission Ceremonies at the College Hall to welcome new residents: September
On September 3rd, 2022, the student volunteers from Lap-Chee College set out at 9 AM to do something very special.
With Christmas around the corner, countless families and kids are excited to celebrate the joyous occasion and holiday. The HKU
Since the COVID-19 situation, after a long-time preparation work, the Lap-Chee College managed to resume our signature event-- the Lap-Chee
On September 25, City Hunt was curated to help Lap-Cheers brace themselves for the new environment and college life. Meanwhile,
On October 29, the Lap Chee Ambassador Team organized a Halloween event that was inspired by the popular Netflix series,