Lap-Chee Goes Green Newsletter 20/21 Sem 1 Issue


Lap-Chee Goes Green is back with a new issue of the newsletter!

In this issue you will find three articles:

    1. Post-pandemic waste | by Jacky Wong 
      Waste problems that arise in the midst of a pandemic.



    2. Sustainable initiatives by Lap-Chee College | by Marzan & Zhou Ting
      Lap-Chee College continuously strives to stay green and stay connected.


    3. Research investigation on post-pandemic food delivery | by Jiwon Chung
      JCSV3 residents’ eating habits in Sem 1, and their thoughts on waste management.

Download it here:

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We hope you enjoy our newsletter, and look out for more from us! 


Greenest Regards,

Lap-Chee Goes Green