LCC Halloween Event: Squid Game

On October 29, the Lap Chee Ambassador Team organized a Halloween event that was inspired by the popular Netflix series, “The Squid Game”. 

The Lap Chee Ambassadors were able to successfully bring in the thrilling vibe from the series. At the entrance, all the participants were greeted by the red suit guard from the series. When they entered the venue, they were assigned to complete three games which are the Ddakji Game, Marble Game, and Guess What’s in the Box Game. If they managed to complete all of the games, they were rewarded with the famous Dalgona Candy and many other snacks. Furthermore, the team also prepared a photobooth for the participants to keep their memories of the event.

The event ran out smoothly and successfully as all of the participants enjoyed and had a good time mingling with the other Lap Cheers. Janet, one of the participants, claimed that the night, especially the Guess What’s in the Box Game, was fun and memorable. Liz Kim, one of the LCA members, was also satisfied with the positive outcome of the event. 

Text: Justiani Valensis, Olivia Bianca

Images: Indrawan Valdy

Editor:Huang Jingjing

Typesetting: Steve

Media Team