Lap Chee High Table Dinner

Since the COVID-19 situation, after a long-time preparation work, the Lap-Chee College managed to resume our signature event– the Lap-Chee High Table Dinner in November. In view of the social distancing, the event was divided into 2 sessions: 5th November for odd-numbered floors and 17th November for even-numbered floors. In the first session, Master Professor Yuen Man-fung, Professor Tsui Lap-chee, Dr Patrick Poon Sun-cheong and Mr Samuel Poon were invited as guests. In the second session, we invited Mr Kwan Chuk-fai to join us.

At the beginning of each High Table Dinner, all the Lap-Cheers were standing to welcome all the guests, including benefactors and our tutorial team members. Professor Lap-Chee Tsui gave an interesting speech about the origins of our college and encouraged all Lap-Cheers to balance their life and study. Master Professor Yuen Man-fung welcomed all the Lap-Cheers and wished them to enjoy their life in Lap-Chee college.

An Admission Ceremony was also simultaneously held where all newcomers were presented with green (for undergraduate) or black (for postgraduate) gowns, symbolizing that they were admitted to Lap-Chee College and formally became a Lap-Cheer. Each floor also had a precious opportunity to take photos with guests.

At the end of the event, the Lap Chee College’s music society gave us a wonderful performance. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful songs accompanied by the piano. Jenny, a new Lap-Cheer said, “this is a brilliant experience for me, the speech is good, and it also gives me a chance to chat with people from different floors and different backgrounds.”

Text: HUANG Jingjing

Photography: Lap Chee Media Team


Media Team