Mooncake Delivery! Sharing Love and Joy on Mid-autumn!

On September 3rd, 2022, the student volunteers from Lap-Chee College set out at 9 AM to do something very special. Carrying gifts and mooncakes with them, they went about Kennedy Town, visiting the homes of the elderly residents.

student volunteers

student volunteers

Mooncake delivery has always been a traditional event at Lap-Chee College. Through the years of visiting and bringing gifts to the elderly residents of Kennedy Town, Lap-cheers were able to build a strong connection and a sense of belonging to the neighbourhood by joining together and celebrating the holiday, which has major significance to Hong Kong culture.

gifts to the elderly residents

Different from last year, this year we had two different sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Invitations to volunteer were extended to students from all four colleges in JCSVIII and more than 100 students from all four colleges participated.

This year we partnered with two elderly centres: St. Luke’s Settlement Neighbourhood Elderly Centre and Caritas Mok Cheung Sui Kun Community Centre and served more than 180 elders.

volunteers with elderly

Upon arrival at the centres, we were first briefed by the centres, and then separated into groups of 2 to 3, with non-local students paired up with locals. We delivered gift packs (each containing mooncake, hand sanitiser, a pack of drink, instant oatmeals and 5 masks) to each elder. Afterwards, we spent time with them, during which we helped them fill questionnaires and taught them to use mobile apps. We were able to learn so much about their lives and needs during this process.

Thank you to all the volunteers, who dedicated their time and effort to participate in this Lap-Chee tradition. We hope you all had fun while spreading love and celebrating local culture!

student volunteers

Photo: Mooncake Delivery event team and participants

Content: Helen Chen

Edit: Weiss Bai

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