LCC Single’s Inferno – Valentine’s Event

On February 14th, the Lap Chee College Ambassador Team hosted the “LCC Single’s Inferno” event, an exciting and fun-filled valentine’s event featuring a variety of games and activities. The event was an excellent opportunity for singles to meet new people, have some fun, and celebrate the special day with other Lap-Cheers.

At the LCC Single’s Inferno Valentine’s event, guests had a great time participating in activities like Staring Contests, Drawing Guessing Games, Pick-up Line Competitions, Acting out Romantic Movie Scenes, and Fortune Telling. The goal of the event was to find the ‘destiny partner’ for the night and the couple with the highest overall score received twin flowers. Scores were collected from the pick-up line and acting competition. Scores were all peer judged so the couple who prepared the cheesiest and funniest pick-up line will get the highest score.

With great music, delicious snacks, and lots of laughs, the event was a great success and a memorable Valentine’s Day experience for every participant!

Photo: Valdy

Writing: Dorjderem

Editing: Weiss

Media Team