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LCC Cantonese class

From 1st March, LCC Hong Kong Series Team organized a great Cantonese learning classes series for the Lap-cheers who want to learn Cantonese.

This event aims to help Lap-cheers get familiarized with special Hong Kong culture while learning basic Cantonese phrases and sentences. The whole event is divided to 4 sessions in terms of different learning schedules:

The first class on 1st March aimed to introduce some basic knowledge about Cantonese including six tones, greetings, numbers and addresses.

The second class on 15th March focused on travelling and transportation like how to ask for directions and introduce some common district names and places.

The third session on 29th March taught how to order food and how to do shopping.

The last session on 12th April aimed to lead Lap-cheers to some native slangs and get some knowledge about Hong Kong culture.

The organizer prepared a lot for the class. In order to get Lap-cheers more interested in Cantonese and learn more efficiently, teachers encouraged participants to interact with their partners to practice more in class. There are also some tutors who can help Lap-cheers correct their pronunciation.

“These classes are really interesting and useful for me, hope we could have more classes like this.” Annie, a girl from mainland China said.

Text: Crystal HUANG Jingjing

Photo: Sabrina

Editor: Weiss

Texas Hold’em Night

On March 19, our residents: Lu Jianliang, Wu Tianyu, Lin Yang, and Fu Yeqiao organized a poker night event. “Texas Hold’em”, one of the most popular poker variants, was chosen for the night. The total quota for the event was set to 12 at the beginning, but it was extended later as the number of registrations surpassed their anticipation. Residents from the rest of the  JCSV III  were also welcome to participate in the poker event.

It was made clear by the organizers from the beginning that the element of gambling would be excluded from the poker game, and only participants of 18 years and older were accepted. Organizers also conducted a briefing beforehand so that everyone knew the rules of this particular form of the card game: the players compete for a particular amount of chips contributed by the players themselves. The participants have to make intelligent decisions concerning when and how much to raise, call or fold.

The event was successful in alleviating the spirit of our residents by providing a relaxing evening as they finished their stressful midterm revision. The game night concluded on a happy note, with some participants asking organizers to hold such poker events on a regular basis.

Writing: Tamim

Photos: The Texas Hold’em Night event team

Editing: Weiss

Lap Chee College High Table Dinner

The first Lap-Chee High Table Dinner of this semester was held on Feb 23rd, 2023. Among the guests were Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, Dr. Patrick Poon, Mr. Chuk-Fai Kwan, and Mr. Kai-Man Wong. Also, there were guests from Rotary Club including President Eliza Ning, Mr. David Lee, along with residents Andrea Komguep Leoue, and Hu Jiamian who are members of the Lap-Chee Rotaract Club. Special thanks to Hathaway Zeng and Isabella Liu for serving as MCs for this High Table Dinner!

At the beginning of the High Table Dinner, all the Lap-Cheers stood to welcome all the guests and tutorial team members. Then, Professor Tsui gave an interesting speech about his most valuable learning from his college years. When he was in college, professors always organized many trips to help students exercise their bodies and build their interest in hiking. He told a story about a traditional winter camping experience, which taught him how to learn as a team, experience group life, and train his leadership skills. In the end, Professor Tsui encouraged all the Lap cheers to balance their study and life. Master Professor MF Yuen said he regarded this gathering as a family dinner signifying reunion, similar to that of the Chinese New Year, and welcomed all Lap-Cheers wishing they enjoy their life in Lap-Chee College.

With residents enjoying the delicious food, the HKU mosaic acapella group gave us wonderful performances. They prepared two songs, 2002 by Anne Marie and Someday or One day. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful songs and some of them used their phones to record.

Lap Cheers really enjoyed the dinner. Jennifer, a resident from the 20th floor, said, “I really enjoy the gathering because it gives me such a good chance to chat with people from different backgrounds and I also take beautiful selfies with my roommate.”

Text: Jingjing(Crystal)

Photos: James, Valdy, Zaheen

Editing: Weiss

Lap Chee Mahjong Class

On February 22nd, the HK Series Committee of Lap Chee College arranged the first of the four sessions of Mahjong classes. The team chose Cantonese Mahjong as it is regarded as the most basic style for beginners.

The residents gathered in the Chinese Tea Room in Yao Ling Sun Commons to play the game of chance and strategy. The participants received a PowerPoint slide with a description of the basic rules of the game a day before. At first, the team and the fellow Lap Cheers who knew how to play the game played a few matches without keeping track of the points with the residents who were new or inexperienced. They decided to show their tiles for the first few games so that it would be easier to teach the rules and regulations. After the beginners learned the rules, the tiles were closed for the upcoming matches.

The games took a fun turn when our competitive residents started to use smart strategies to make the game difficult for their opponents rather than winning easily. The HK series team was also sharing tips and tricks in between with the residents while they were observing the players.

The event concluded at around 11 pm. The game night was a stress reliever for the participants in their busy academic life. It was also an amazing opportunity for our residents to get acquainted with the local culture by playing the traditional game.

Writing: Tamim

Photo: Sabrina

Editing: Weiss

LCC Single’s Inferno – Valentine’s Event

On February 14th, the Lap Chee College Ambassador Team hosted the “LCC Single’s Inferno” event, an exciting and fun-filled valentine’s event featuring a variety of games and activities. The event was an excellent opportunity for singles to meet new people, have some fun, and celebrate the special day with other Lap-Cheers.

At the LCC Single’s Inferno Valentine’s event, guests had a great time participating in activities like Staring Contests, Drawing Guessing Games, Pick-up Line Competitions, Acting out Romantic Movie Scenes, and Fortune Telling. The goal of the event was to find the ‘destiny partner’ for the night and the couple with the highest overall score received twin flowers. Scores were collected from the pick-up line and acting competition. Scores were all peer judged so the couple who prepared the cheesiest and funniest pick-up line will get the highest score.

With great music, delicious snacks, and lots of laughs, the event was a great success and a memorable Valentine’s Day experience for every participant!

Photo: Valdy

Writing: Dorjderem

Editing: Weiss

Chinese New Year Rice

On the morning of 5th February, the HK Series team arranged the New Year Rice event for the residents of Lap Chee College so that they could learn about the Lunar New Year and enjoy delicious local foods.

The event was held at Ho Choi Sea-Food Restaurant at Sai Ying Pun. The residents gathered at Sai Ying Pun MTR Station and proceeded to the restaurant together after everyone reached the spot. Upon arrival, the residents learned about Chinese table etiquette such as pouring tea for others before filling their own cups and rinsing dishes and utensils with tea before the meal.  They also learned that the word “rice” (飯)  in the event name also means a meal in Chinese.

The residents enjoyed turnips, rice cakes, dim sums and different types of local dishes. In between devouring the delicious foods, the residents enjoyed a quiz session with hints on the back of their chits. As everyone mingled and took group photos, the brunch event eventually ended with the promise of meeting each other again at the upcoming events of Lap Chee College.

Photo: Helen

Writing: Tamim

Editing: Weiss

Lantern Festival Art Night

On the evening of 3rd February, the Laid Back Art Club of Lap Chee College arranged the “Lantern Festival Art Night” to celebrate the Lantern Festival, a festival that falls on the fifteenth day of the first month of the Lunar year, during which children play with paper lanterns and solve riddles.

The exciting event started at 8 pm with the team welcoming the residents with candies and snacks for refreshments. There were three handcraft booths: handmade lanterns, greeting cards, and clay ornaments. The residents could choose to make either of them following the instruction papers handed out by the team or showcase their inner creativity by customizing their crafts using colored paper, markers, and water. 

Throughout the event, our residents not only celebrated the Chinese Lantern Festival that marks the Lunar New Year period and spring commencement but also mingled with fellow Lap-Cheers as they helped each other with their crafts. The event concluded successfully with the residents taking group pictures with their beautiful handmade crafts in the photo booth.   

Photo: Sabrina

Writing: Tamim

Editing: Weiss

LCC Halloween Event: Trick or Treat

On October 28, the Lap Chee College Ambassador Team organized a Halloween event that was themed by the traditional Halloween custom– Trick-or-treating.

The Lap Chee Ambassadors have made elaborate preparations for this great event and organized so many interesting games to enhance the festive atmosphere. At the entrance, all the participants were given a ticket and a small bag which allow them to DIY their unique “treat bag”. Lap-cheers can decorate the bag with small bulbs and different stickers with pumpkins, ghosts, and black cats. What’s more, organizers also prepared interesting temporary tattoos for every participant for fun. There was also a booth which gave the participants a chance to do some crafts and paintings about Halloween.

When they entered the venue, they were assigned to complete three games which were the Candy Bucket Pong, Spider Launch, and Zombie walk. Once they managed to complete one of the games, they would get a stamp on their ticket and be rewarded with candies and many other snacks. Furthermore, the team also prepared a Halloween-themed photo booths for the participants to keep their memories of the event.

The event was such a success as all the participants enjoyed and had a good time in the atmosphere of Halloween. Stephanie, one of the participants, claimed that the night, especially the Spider Launch Game, was fun and memorable. She said she really enjoyed that game and played it several times.

Text:  Crystal (HUANG Jingjing)

Images: Christy

Editing: Weiss

LAP CHEE Music Night

On November 11th, 2022, The Hong Kong Series Committee hosted the “Music Night” with the Hong Kong Music Society to provide opportunities for Lap-Cheers to relax and immerse themselves in music after the intense studying for midterms.

At the beginning of the event, participants were divided into two groups. One group member uses boom whackers which are hollow, plastic, musical tubes to strike with the hand to produce music and the others try to guess the name of the songs. Then we also guess the songs by listening to the demo mixed with different music. Finally, the second group won.

Next, we invited excellent singers from the Music Society to give wonderful performances, which also enlivened the atmosphere of the scene.

Finally, it’s time for our karaoke session. All the participants feel free to sing their favorite songs.

This event ran out successfully as all of the participants enjoyed a good night with the other Lap Cheers. Everyone took photos to make memories with their friends.

Writing: Angel

Photo: Valdy & Helen

Editing: Weiss


On September 21 and 28, Lap-Chee college conducted its signature event, the High Table Dinner: September 21 for the odd-floored residents and September 28 for the even-floored residents. The theme of this semester’s high table dinner was super-pass, wishing all the residents success in their studies. Different guests were invited on the two nights, we had Professor Ian Holliday as one of our guests of honor on the 21st and invited Mr. Alan Cheung to join the dinner on the 28th. 

At the beginning of the event, all residents stood for the procession, welcoming the tutorial team members, master, and guests. The guests of honor then proceed to deliver their speech with words of encouragement for the students. Professor Ian Holliday, the guest of honor for the first night, shared with us the stories of three students who are teaching small-town and village students and representing HKU to prospective students and families there.

The event proceeded with Master Professor Yuen Man-Fung proposing a toast to everyone from the head table, marking the start of the dinner. Residents were served three-course meals with three options for the main course (chicken, beef, or vegan) and two options for dessert (custard or chocolate mousse). 

During the dinner, we have special performances by the residents of Lap-Chee. We had a singing performance by Salim on the first night and a group-music performance by the Music Society on the second night.

The event then ended with the High-Table Dinner Committee airing the FIFA World Cup game where the residents could further mingle with their floormates while enjoying the match being aired. Many residents took pictures with the photo booths arranged by the committee while they watched the greatest show on earth together. The event was wrapped up at around 10 pm with everyone’s stomachs and hearts filled with food and happiness.

Writing: Binaca & Tamim

Photo: Valdy & Zaheen

Editing: Weiss