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Lap-Chee Goes Green Newsletter 20/21 Sem 1 Issue

Lap-Chee Goes Green is back with a new issue of the newsletter!

In this issue you will find three articles:

    1. Post-pandemic waste | by Jacky Wong 
      Waste problems that arise in the midst of a pandemic.



    2. Sustainable initiatives by Lap-Chee College | by Marzan & Zhou Ting
      Lap-Chee College continuously strives to stay green and stay connected.


    3. Research investigation on post-pandemic food delivery | by Jiwon Chung
      JCSV3 residents’ eating habits in Sem 1, and their thoughts on waste management.

Mahjong Fun Class at LCC!

Do you recall the scene in the movie Crazy Rich Asians where Rachel and her mother-in-law play a kind of tile game in a parlour? The game they are playing is called “Mahjong”.