Studio Sound System Guide

Lap-Chee College Studio: Sound System Guide

Quick Start Guide

1) Turn on mixer

– CAUTION: Power on the mixer first before the speakers to prevent damage to the speakers.

– Give power to the mixer from the wall socket. Mixer should automatically turn on.


2) Turn on speakers

CAUTION: When powering off, power off the speakers first before the mixer.

CAUTION: Do not adjust any knobs/settings on the speakers.

– Find the power switch on the back of the speakers and turn on.

– Left speaker: on the mirror wall

– Right speaker: next to the curtains


3a) Phone/laptop audio input

– Find the 3.5mm jack and plug in the phone/laptop.

– If it is difficult to find, start from the green component box and trace the twin cable to the 3.5mm jack.


3b) Phone/laptop audio input

– Turn the volume on the phone/laptop to maximum.

– Control the volume with the highlighted sliders.

NOTE: The “Laptop” sticker is incorrectly placed, follow this picture instead.


4a) Microphone audio input

– Find a microphone from the storage bay and turn it on.

– Turn on both microphone receivers. Both devices should glow green as pictured.


4b) Microphone audio input

– Control the volume with the highlighted sliders.


We hope this guide is helpful for you. Please remember to turn off the system after usage. Thanks.