Hong Kong Culture Explorer

About the team

Hong Kong Culture Explorer is an association within Lap-Chee College which celebrates the Hong Kong local culture. We aim to unveil the unique and historical sides of the local Hong Kong culture to all students and establish close ties between Lap-Cheers and local communities through a variety of workshops and tours.

As all Lap-Cheers are invited, this fosters the exchange of knowledge and strengthens bonds among hall mates whilst engaging in meaningful activities to the society.


Hong Kong Culture Explorer regularly hosts community services, cultural events, and learning exchanges. Scroll through to learn more about them!

Cultural Exploration

Cantonese Class

Throughout the five lessons of the Cantonese Class, international students can learn basic Cantonese such as phrases and sentences for greeting, ordering at restaurants and transportation.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

HK Series collaborated with a local organization – StreamingHK, to lead this tour in Choi Hung which visits the Choi Hung Estate, Ngau Chi Wan Market and St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged. Apart from admiring the local-style buildings with its long history, it is also a great opportunity for participants to interact with the people there and know about the history of this community.

Tai O Cultural Tour

The visit aims to let participants have a taste of the living style in old fishing villages.  Apart from exploring the traditional stilt houses, participants also joined workshops organized by Y Ecotour and learnt how to make local food like salted egg and “Cha Kwa” (steamed tea bun).

Mahjong Class

College Bonding

Lap-Chee Challenge

Lap-Cheers went on a mini-scavenger hunt, completing tasks and fun challenges inspired by local culture as a team and getting to know the college along the way. Join us next time for a night of light-hearted fun, warm smiles and tasty prizes!

Hoi Sem Faan

Hoi Sem Faan is a must to kickstart a nice academic year. As a member in this Lap Chee Family, we gathered in the Shek Tong Tsui Market to enjoy our Gong sik (Hong Kong-style) Hoi Sem Faan!

Blow Water Summit

Residents submitted anonymous questions for our masters and tutors and they answered!  Questions ranged from student life, childhood memories, career choices and more. Needless to say, their experiences were nothing short of interesting. Come sit with us on our next session!

Tram Party

Community Service

Mooncake Delivery

As residents in Kennedy Town, we spent a Saturday with these lovely elderly in this community. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is round the corner, we deliver some heart-warming gifts to them. Wondering what is inside the red bag we are holding? There are star fruits, mooncakes and some daily necessities. Let’s enjoy this festive atmosphere together!

Chinese New Year Services

Chinese New Year is another local festival that signifies unity.  The series began with organizing an origami workshop for children at Harmony House, a local NGO that supports families suffering from domestic violence.  We then visited the homes of elderly and helped conduct a survey concerning the mental conditions of elderly carers.  The series closed with a centre visit where participants learnt how to make dumplings from the elderly.

Join the Team

Hong Kong Series welcomes members! As a student-led organization, our members are encouraged to suggest events and activities to promote our mission.

Watch out for our events and recruitment through the official Lap-Chee College Facebook page and email invites! Interested students are encouraged to follow our new IG @lcchkseries for a one-stop guide on sights, facts, food, culture and more!

For any inquiries, you may email lcchkseries@gmail.com

Tutor-in-charge: Hardy Chau