High Table Dinner Committee

Introducing “High Table Dinner”

High Table Dinner is a tradition originated from Oxford and Cambridge universities, where scholars, guests, and students dress up formally in academic gowns, break bread together, and exchange knowledge. At HKU and so at Lap-Chee College, we inherit the tradition to offer Lap-Cheers an unprecedented experience of networking with the whole Lap-Chee community. At Lap-Chee College, High Table Dinner is a compulsory event where the entire residential body celebrates our camaraderie. It also serves as an opportunity for college members to mingle with scholars, seniors, and juniors and get inspired by motivational speakers.

Other than High Table Dinner, Lap-Chee College also features Admission Ceremony and Farewell Party at the beginning and the end of every academic year. While the former welcomes new college members to join the Lap-Chee family with academic gowns and exclusive Lap-Chee souvenirs, the latter celebrates the achievements of college members and graduates throughout the year with snacks, drinks, music, and a joyful atmosphere.

Introducing “High Table Dinner Committee”

n High Table Dinner Committee (HTDC), you will not only have the chance to organize formal college events such as Admission Ceremony, High Table Dinners, and Farewell Parties, but also gain exposure to collaborate with other in-college teams and many external guests. Most importantly, you can make lifelong friends and create memorable experiences together as all members form a tight-knitted community.

High Table Dinner Committee consists of the following core teams:

Communications Team
The team is primarily responsible for promotional gifts, souvenirs, and decorations. While members need to design posters, welcome cards and prepare materials for decorations, they will learn how to think outside the box for design and unleash creativity to showcase impressive artwork for college members and guests during events.

Floor Management Team
The team is mainly responsible for floor plans, registration, and logistics. Members will learn how to design seating arrangements and registration booths, prepare registration lists, and organize ushers and facilitators for guiding college members and greeting guests. Members can develop their organizational and communication skills through planning and cooperating with other core team members.

Stage Management & Agenda Team
The team is in charge of organizing the rundown of all formal events, designing moving directions on stage, organizing item positions, and inviting guests and performers. Members will have opportunities to learn how to design agendas, practice their flexibility in reacting to stage incidents, improve team-working and communication skills, and draft formal invitation letters for guests and performers.

The three core teams do not work individually. We work closely together and create unforgettable events and core memories for fellow Lap-Cheers and guests.

Junior Fellow in charge

Amber Chan (chtamber@hku.hk)