Lap-Chee Ambassadors

Lap-Chee College Ambassador (LCA)

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Lap-Chee College Ambassador (LCA) is a team of Lap-Chee residents from different faculties and backgrounds who work together towards a common goal of building Lap-Chee College’s identity and community spirit mainly through holding intra- and inter-college events.

Our mission is to:

      1. To develop students’ interpersonal, organisational, and leadership skills
      2. To build Lap Chee’s identity and community spirit, and to capitalise on it
      3. To create a pool of responsible and responsive students to manage College activities

For the intra-college events, we have Pizza Night, Pancake Morning, and Language Incubator which are held regularly twice a month for the Lap-Cheers to socialize, relax, and learn more about other residents – even their languages! We also hold Superpass to wish for the best luck in the exams. Valentine’s Day and Easter events are held as well to create a cozy and home-like atmosphere during the school year by celebrating holidays and exchanging gifts and sweets with the residents.

For the inter-college event, we collaborate with other colleges in JCSV III to hold Joint College Halloween Party. It is a valuable experience to work with other ambassadorial teams to organize a big event and get a chance to meet residents from different colleges.

Below are brief descriptions of major events.

Pizza Night

Pizza Night has been an ongoing Lap-Chee tradition for the past three years where residents can come to the event to enjoy free pizza and light refreshments and mingle with other members of the college.

Pancake Morning

Pancake Morning is an event that occurs approximately every two weeks. Residents of Lap-Chee College, as well as other colleges from JCSVIII come down to enjoy freshly made pancakes by the LCA team.

Joint-College Halloween Party

The Joint-College Halloween Party is a collaborative effort between the 4 colleges in JCSVIII. The party consists of Halloween-themed games, snacks, decorations, and costumes for the residents to enjoy.


Superpass is a HKU tradition to wish students the best luck in their exams. Students gather to enjoy roasted pig as well as write Chinese couplets (Fai-Chun in Cantonese) on red paper.

New members are always welcome to bring new ideas or develop previous events further.

Join us to bring spirit to Lap-Chee with the fellow LCA members!

Student Coordinator: Liz Hee Jea Kim, Jane Park

Tutor-in-charge: Sally Oh (

For registration and inquiries please contact: