Village to Village Program

Village-to-Village is a student society at Lap-Chee College whose goal is to reach out by crossing borders. The main aim of the program is to broaden horizons, promote inter-institutional communication and learn from different perspectives. We aim to bridge ideas between the residents of our college and other public institutions. We wish to gain insights from other academicians and professionals who are leaders in their fields.

In the past few years, we have closely collaborated with the Zhejiang University Morningside Cultural China Scholars (浙江大學晨興文化中國人才計劃).  We visited Hangzhou in the previous three years and were involved in a series of cultural and social service activities.

In the upcoming trip to Hangzhou this December, the program is going to carry out a range of explorations via the host- Zhejiang University. We have come up with two themes for the 2018 Hangzhou trip- the “Tea” and the “Buddhist temple”. In addition to that, we are in contact with the Ant Financial, and are hoping to pay a visit to one of the most established and amusing online payment companies of the Alibaba group!

The highlight of the Village-to-Village program is the visit to Mainland China. However, the activities are not limited to just that. We warmly welcome all Lap-Chee residents to join us!