A group of alumni and friends established the College in honour of Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, 14th Vice-Chancellor and President, and in recognition of his contributions to The University of Hong Kong.

Mr Yao Ling-Sun  姚連生先生
Dr Patrick Poon Sun-Cheong  潘燊昌博士
Kerry Holdings Limited  嘉里控股有限公司
Azalea (1972) Endowment Fund   杜鵑(1972)基金
Dr Gallant Ho  何耀棣博士
Mrs Annie Bentley  梁安妮女士
Mr Warren Chan  陳志海先生
Mr Tse Kam-Pang  謝錦鵬先生
Dr Philip Chen  陳南祿博士
Ir Dr Joseph Chow  周明權博士
Mrs Selina Chow  周梁淑怡女士
Ms Belinda Hung  孔桂儀女士
Ms Leonie Ki  紀文鳳女士
Mr Kwan Chuk-Fai  關則輝先生
Ir Edgar Kwan  關治平先生
Mr Colin Lam  林高演先生
Professor C F Lee  李焯芬教授
Mr Martin Liao  廖長江先生
Ms Priscilla Wong  王沛詩女士
Dr Yu Wai-Cho  余衛祖醫生


Lap-Chee Alumni
Whether you have only stayed for one semester or all of your study years in Lap-Chee College, we would love to stay connect with you wherever you are!
Come join our Lap-Chee Alumni, you may:
–        contact us if you planned to visit Hong Kong for a short stay in our College during your visit;
–        join our High Table Dinner in the future (if it fits to your schedule back to Hong Kong).
–        participate in activities of Lap-Chee International Network in different cities/countries or even set up a chapter in your home town.
–        connect with exchange students from Lap-Chee College to your hometown.
To register, simply leave us your contact details via this link:
Lap-Chee Alumni Network Contacts:
Area Contact Person
Hong Kong Pauline Liu
Nepal Chura Thapa
Taiwan(Taipei) Tiffany Chu
UK(London) Pandora Lee
UK(Northern/York) Peter Redshaw
USA(California) Russell Chan
Australia(Adelaide) Justin Chan