Music Society

Lap-Chee College Music Society is a community where a group of musicians and music lovers come together and collaborate to perform all genres of music at various events such as High Table Dinner, Food & Culture event, and International Music Festival.

Lap-Chee College Music Society is divided into three teams: Band, Choir, and Acapella. Members can choose the team(s) they wish to join. Each team will be performing at different events based on the events’ atmosphere and characteristics.

We look for instrumentalists and vocalists who are passionate in music. Any instruments are welcomed to our society, including but not limited to piano, guitar, and traditional instruments. All levels of competencies in singing or playing instruments are welcome as well. If you do not know how to sing or play instruments but simply love to learn and be part of the group is perfectly fine.

Our performances in hall events create a lively and joyful atmosphere. We perform in events in and outside of the hall to promote music as a way of expressing ourselves. Below are some examples of our events.

We are looking for musicians and music lovers who wish to enjoy and love music with us.

Join us and share your love for music! 

For registration and inquiries please contact: