Student Activities Fund 21-22

HKU Lap-Chee College
Student Activities Fund 2021-2022

Lap-Chee College aims at:

  1. providing a stimulating environment conducive to students’ intellectual, personal, social and cultural development;
  2. facilitating intellectual and cultural exchange among local and non-local students or students and the community;
  3. promoting whole-person development by providing a supportive platform for students to pursue various learning activities; and
  4. encouraging dynamic exchange with the community though services or other forms of engagement.

The Colleges also convince our students, both local and non-local, to commit to global citizenship and be aware of global issues.

A. Objectives

To nurture our students to become youth pioneers in the society through organising high quality learning activities and projects, Lap-Chee College has launched the Student Activities Fund for our residents to organise any of activities, projects and programmes that align with the aims previously mentioned. Proposals submitted by individual resident or a group of residents are also welcomed.

B. Eligibility

Projects must be organised by the residents in Lap-Chee College and are required to satisfy at least one or more criteria listed below. Priorities will be given to the projects satisfying more criteria.

Criteria include:

  1. providing enriched learning opportunities for students;
  2. encouraging cultural and intellectual exchange among students and the community;
  3. engaging the community through services and different forms of engagement;
  4. fostering critical self-reflection, greater understanding of others, skills on collaboration, initiatives and enthusiasm of students;
  5. creating positive impact to the society and among students and HKU;
  6. involving large number of students in participation.

The project funded is non-renewable and valid only for one year the maximum. If the project requests further funding, a new proposal must be submitted in the next call for application.

C. Application Procedure

Interested groups/students should fill in the Application Form as detailed as possible and submit to the Funding Committee via

D. Funding Committee

A funding committee chaired by the Deputy Master is formed to assess the proposals and budgets submitted. Committee members include Senior Resident Tutor, one Resident Tutor, one Undergraduate student representative and one Postgraduate student representative.

E. Assessment of Application

Upon receiving the application, the Funding Committee will assess the proposals and budgets based on the criteria mentioned above. The applicants will be interviewed by the committee when necessary.

F. Amount of Funding

The Funding Committee may approve the budget wholly or partially depending on the comments from the committee. The maximum funding of each project is HK$15,000.

G. Enquiries

Please contact for any enquiries.