Signature Events

High Table Dinner

High Table Dinner is a tradition originated from Oxford and Cambridge universities, where scholars, guests, and students dress up formally in academic gowns, break bread together, and exchange knowledge. At HKU and so at Lap-Chee College, we inherit the tradition to offer Lap-Cheers an unprecedented experience of networking with the whole Lap-Chee community.

At Lap-Chee College, High Table Dinner is a compulsory event where the entire residential body celebrates our camaraderie. It also serves as an opportunity for college members to mingle with scholars, seniors, and juniors and get inspired by motivational speakers.

Other than High Table Dinner, Lap-Chee College also features Admission Ceremony and Farewell Party at the beginning and the end of every academic year. While the former welcomes new college members to join the Lap-Chee family with academic gowns and exclusive Lap-Chee souvenirs, the latter celebrates the achievements of college members and graduates throughout the year with snacks, drinks, music, and a joyful atmosphere.

On 16 Nov 2023, the College was honoured to welcome the HKSAR’s Chief Executive Mr John Lee at our High Table Dinner.

Dim Sum Event with Elders

Lap-Chee College hosts a “Yum Cha” event regularly, where we invite local elderly to enjoy a family-like dim sum session with Lap-Cheers from all over the world, enjoying traditional Chinese performances by our very own talented Lap-Cheers. This event provides a rare opportunity for residents in Lap-chee college to mingle with local citizens and to give back to local communities.

Mooncake Delivery

In collaboration with elderly centres in Kennedy Town, Lap-Chee College spread love and joy to elders in the neighbourhood in the Mid-Autiumn Festival, showing our solidarity with the community in the festival of unity.  The series comprises of home visits and centre visits, involving student volunteers from across the four colleges in JCSV III.


Think@Cafe aims to provide a broad platform for both UG and PG students to make friends, create research networks, and share interesting ideas. Previous sessions have covered a wide range of topics in order to enrich the academic experience for all those who attend.

Lap-Chee​ Symphony Concert Evening

In celebration of our 5th anniversary, Lap-Chee College held the Lap-Chee​ Symphony Concert Evening, featuring the award-winning local symphonic band Shinywinds, and the event was open to HKU community and the public.