Badminton Club

Lap-Chee Badminton Club has consistently been one of the largest sports clubs in our college since its establishment in 2014, involving over 60 residential members and guests every year in weekly training sessions, matches, and social activities. We host regular weekly sessions at Flora Ho Sports Centre. Players of all levels, from beginner to experienced player, are highly welcomed to join. Shuttlecocks will be provided during all weekly practices, but please bring your own rackets! Our missions are:

1)        To promote an active and healthy lifestyle through an enjoyable medium.

2)        To provide a platform for badminton lovers to express their interest in the sport

3)        To provide an opportunity for residents to make new friends.

4)        To encourage students to collaborate with others to enhance their technical and interpersonal skills.

Persons in charge:

Leader: Hu Hanyu

Leader: Wang Chih-Hao

Manager: Zhang Yiran

Manager: Tang Xinzheng

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