Volleyball Team

The Lap-Chee volleyball team is one of sports team in the Lap-Chee College, HKU Jockey Club Student Village III. Founded in 2016, the Lap-Chee volleyball team currently has more than sixty members and is one of the largest sports teams and also the first volleyball team in the Jockey Club Student Village III. It is a mix-gender team with local, mainland and international undergraduate and postgraduate students. Volleyball is an energetic and interesting game that thrives on teamwork, and our team focus on trust and cooperation. The motto of our team is “Jump and Jump for fun”.

Lap-Chee volleyball team is one of the sports teams in Lap-Chee College that do all different sorts of volleyball activities from indoor volleyball to beach volleyball. We have regular weekly training in Flora Ho Sports Centre, and also, we embrace participants from beginners to advanced. So, if you are enthusiastic about learning volleyball, do not hesitate to participate in our training.

The volleyball team also has a close relationship with other volleyball lovers in HKU, so you can make more friends and having a lot of fun by participating in our training.

Persons in charge

Bohao Chen
Alireza Kalaei (akalaei@connect.hku.hk)