Hiking Team

Who we are

We are the hiking team under Lap-Chee Sports Community with more than a hundred fellows as our members. We have actively explored various Hong Kong Country Parks in the past academic years. Various hiking tours were scheduled to famous places including Dragon’s Back, Tai Tam, and Lion Rock. We will continuously organize monthly hiking tours to different places and announce via both hiking team WhatsApp group and mass emails.

Who can join

Anyone interested in hiking trails of HK Country Parks, all welcomed!

Please sign up here: https://forms.gle/LNswWVEQbbeU8G4SA

Contact group

Yiran Zhang (u3560327@connect.hku.hk)
Xiao Huan (xhuan@connect.hku.hk)
Gyu Jin Nam (u3555146@connect.hku.hk)