City Hunt for Lap-Cheers

On September 25, City Hunt was curated to help Lap-Cheers brace themselves for the new environment and college life. Meanwhile, students could mingle together, and the City Hunt event facilitated cultural exchange.

In the beginning of the event, Participants were divided into several groups and listened to the instructions attentively before going for the actual city hunt.

Participants went to different places like Kennedy Town Promenade, university Street, Happy Park and so on to get some picture clues and to finish the different tasks like taking group selfies, answering questions and playing games. If they finished the task, the checkpoint helpers would give them a Character of  “Lap-chee” as a reward.

During the event, Lap-cheers held a flag which read: LAP-CHEE COLLEGE HKU and placards pronouncing ‘We love Lap-Chee’ to show their love for the college.

Despite the competition, one of the objectives of this event was to promote peace and love between one and the other, regardless of one’s nationality, cultural background and even skin color.

TEXT:Leung Hoi Kei

IMAGES: Collected from participants


Media Team