Lap Chee Mahjong Class

On February 22nd, the HK Series Committee of Lap Chee College arranged the first of the four sessions of Mahjong classes. The team chose Cantonese Mahjong as it is regarded as the most basic style for beginners.

The residents gathered in the Chinese Tea Room in Yao Ling Sun Commons to play the game of chance and strategy. The participants received a PowerPoint slide with a description of the basic rules of the game a day before. At first, the team and the fellow Lap Cheers who knew how to play the game played a few matches without keeping track of the points with the residents who were new or inexperienced. They decided to show their tiles for the first few games so that it would be easier to teach the rules and regulations. After the beginners learned the rules, the tiles were closed for the upcoming matches.

The games took a fun turn when our competitive residents started to use smart strategies to make the game difficult for their opponents rather than winning easily. The HK series team was also sharing tips and tricks in between with the residents while they were observing the players.

The event concluded at around 11 pm. The game night was a stress reliever for the participants in their busy academic life. It was also an amazing opportunity for our residents to get acquainted with the local culture by playing the traditional game.

Writing: Tamim

Photo: Sabrina

Editing: Weiss

Media Team